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The way we sit is simply wrong. It’s leading to a range of health issues such as back pain, spinal degeneration, muscle aches and strains, headaches and poor circulation among many others. The Workhorse Saddle Chair has been scientifically designed by a Chiropractor to comfortably maintain the body in it’s ideal sitting position. It's time to quit the way you sit, for better health, performance and quality of life. If you missed the Kickstarter campaign you can still pre-order now and save.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Workhorse Saddle Chair Production and Shipping Update
about 2 months ago – Mon, Apr 01, 2019 at 10:45:29 PM

We’re excited to be shipping your new Workhorse Saddle Chair very soon, though unfortunately our factory is 2 weeks behind the timing we had advised in our last update.  We had hoped chairs would be ready to leave the factory this week though it will be another two weeks to finalise production, then depending on your location and shipping time they will begin the journey to your home or workplace.

Updated approximate shipping times once the chairs leave the factory are:

Local Asian ports : 1 week to 10 days

US and Canada: 5 weeks (includes shipping, customs clearance , warehousing and local distribution)

European Countries: 5 weeks (includes shipping, customs clearance , warehousing and local distribution)

All other destinations allow 2 to 3 weeks ( we are still trying to get the best solution for a few ports)

We understand that you are eager to receive your new chair and start changing your posture and health and we appreciate your patience as we tackle the task of getting our first shipment of 500 packages including 7 different chair types to over 40 different countries.  We will post regular updates on progress and apologise for the delay – we are extremely happy with the quality of the work we are seeing from the factory, and working with them daily to ensure we deliver on our production commitments so you can rest assured your chair is coming very soon!    

Kind Regards  David and Clint – The Workhorse Saddle Chair team. 

Workhorse Pro
Workhorse Pro

Workhorse Saddle Chair Production and Shipping Update:
3 months ago – Fri, Mar 01, 2019 at 05:03:54 PM

It’s been a busy month working with our manufacturer and shipping partners with over 450 chairs going to 40 different countries.

We’re a little overdue for an update so thanks for your patience as we work through the production and shipping stage of our first commercial production shipment that we couldn’t have achieved without you.     

Production Timing 

Production is progressing well, and we are due for all chairs to be completed and ready for our first shipment to leave the factory by the end of March. 

We have spent an enormous amount of time negotiating the most cost-effective method of delivery for each global region, so delivery times to your door will vary depending on your location.  For customers from the US, Canada, Australia and Europe we have managed to consolidate enough orders to allow us to ship the orders by sea then distribute internally via courier. Most Asian ports are by direct courier with airfreight being used for most other ports.

Delivery Timing

Appreciating that we plan for all chairs to leave the factory by the end of March, guides on delivery to your door timings are:

US and Canada: Early May (4 weeks shipping + 1 week clearing and domestic distribution)

Europe and UK:  End of April (3 weeks shipping + 1 week clearing and domestic distribution)

Australia: Mid-April (2 weeks shipping + 1 week clearing and domestic distribution)

Asian Ports Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia should receive their chairs in early April.

All other ports of which there are many, will be airfreighted and can expect to be received a week to 10 days after leaving the factory at the end of March depending on customs clearance in your country.

This is our current expected production and delivery timings and we will keep you updated with progress along the journey of our first commercial production shipment.    

It’s exciting to finally realize our mission of changing the way the world sits, with our chairs going across the globe to offices, homes, health and medical clinics, hairdressers and even bars with 8 of our Slide models going to the Longreach Tavern in Australia’s outback!  

We can’t wait to get you your chair/s and hear your feedback as you change the way you sit for good.      

The Workhorse Saddle Chair team.  

Brightday posture software now live on Kickstarter. The perfect partner for the Workhorse Saddle Chair.
3 months ago – Mon, Feb 11, 2019 at 05:47:16 PM

Sitting for long periods has a negative impact on our health, performance at work and quality of life.  

The Workhorse Saddle Chair significantly improves your sitting posture, though you still need to regularly change your position, take time out, stretch, move and hydrate to stay healthy.    

Our friends at Brightday have launched an innovative new posture software on Kickstarter to help you improve your overall sitting experience and learn better sitting habits.    

Loaded onto your computer it uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) to track your movement at your desk using your webcam, and provides quick and fun video training sessions with real-time feedback to help you gain healthy sitting habits for life.    

Brightday is a perfect partner of the Workhorse Saddle Chair to help you sit better, stand better and move more for a better overall sitting experience.  

You can back their campaign here

though be quick there’s not long to go in their campaign and they need your help to bring this important new posture software to life.  

The Workhorse Saddle Chair Team.  

12 Feb is last chance to confirm your order via survey 12 February
4 months ago – Tue, Feb 05, 2019 at 04:25:08 PM

Thanks to everyone who has confirmed their colour, height, wheels and finalised shipping payment and address for your Workhorse Saddle Chair/s.

If you have not yet completed your survey this is your last chance before we lock orders and shipping so we can meet our delivery schedule of March.

If you have lost or not received your survey you can recover it here.

or if you need assistance or have any questions please reach out to us at:

Thanks again for your support.  We look forward to getting our first shipment to the world and hearing your feedback 

The Workhorse Saddle Chair team  

Production underway at Workhorse Chair factory.
Production underway at Workhorse Chair factory.

Did you get your survey? It’s time to choose your colour and provide shipping details.
4 months ago – Thu, Jan 24, 2019 at 10:54:51 PM

Exciting news for all our backers.  We’ve recently sent a survey to all backers using BackerKit so you can confirm your order and add any extras, choose your colours, height and wheels and finalise shipping information and payment.  We’re on track for March delivery as promised, and already well underway with our first commercial production that you’ve helped us achieve – so thanks!  

Black and Baltic colours in Premium Bonded Leather has been the most popular choice, with Nubuck Brown in the Luxury Leather upgrade also very popular.

Thanks to everyone who has already confirmed their order details.  

If you have not received your survey please first check your email trash/spam folder and if it’s still gone missing you can retrieve it here:   

or email us at 

We really appreciate your support and look forward to delivering your chair and helping you gain a better sitting posture and health.  

The Workhorse Saddle Chair team.  

David France - Founder and Chiropractor